Create a workspace

For basic information about workspaces, see Workspaces and Working in workspaces.

Create a new workspace

  1. In the left pane, select Add New Workspace. The New Workspace page opens in the main page. Note that you need App Admin or App Editor role to access this feature. App Viewer will not see the Add New Workspace button.
  2. On the New Workspace page, choose an icon, enter a Workspace Name and Description. Note that you are the only one listed under Workspace Admins at this point - you'll need to add other workspace users to assign workspace roles to them.
  3. Optionally, add other app users to your new workspace: near the top of the page select + Add User.
  4. In the popup that opens, select the Email field, then scroll through the list of app users and select one. Note that only users that have already been invited to Lightup are available to add to a workspace. If the user you want to add has not been invited, follow the instructions in Add Lightup users to invite them.
  5. Pick a workspace role for the new user, and then select Add.
    • Workspace admin can create and manage datasources
    • Workspace editor cannot create manage datasources, but can create and edit metrics and monitors, validate incidents, and change the status of incidents.
    • Workspace viewer can see most data, but cannot modify datasources, metrics, monitors, or incidents.
    • Workspace observer is highly restricted and does not allow the user to view any data that provides any information on data values.
    • See Workspace roles for detailed information on the features that each role can access.
  6. When you are finished adding users, select Save at the top right corner.