Quick Start

If you're new to Lightup and want to jump right in, this Quickstart will help you get started.

Get oriented in the UI

Get started with Lightup data quality

Now that you know how Lightup is laid out, you may be wondering, "What do I do next?".

Using Lightup is easy. The basic flow is listed below, with links to pages that walk you through each step of implementing an always-on observability platform that's customized for your data and business use cases.

  1. Connect to datasources that you want to analyze.
  2. Add data assets to your Explorer tree.
  3. Profile your data to better understand the data quality checks that you should set up.
  4. Create metrics that run in background and measure the behavior of your tables and columns.
  5. Add monitors to those metrics to detect whether they have deviated from expected values and generate incidents when they do.
  6. Manage any incidents that the monitors detect.