Set up Jira


  • To complete this procedure, you need an Atlassian account with sufficient permissions to create new tickets in an existing Jira project.
  • You can't have more than one Jira integration per Lightup workspace.


Before you begin, log in to your Jira project in a separate browser window.

  1. Add an integration, and select Jira.
  2. In the Add Jira Integration dialog, supply the following information:
    • Name: A name for the integration
    • Jira Server: The URL of your Jira site. It should resemble
    • Username: Your account name on Jira.
    • Password or API Token: Either your Jira password or a Jira API token.
    • Project key: The Project Key, which you can find in Jira.
  3. Select Create test ticket. A moment later you should see a success message:
  1. After the test succeeds, select Add.

Now that your Jira integration is ready, a new command, Submit Jira Ticket, appears at the top right corner when you view an incident:


Find your Jira project key

  1. Open your Jira project.
  2. On the project sidebar, select Project settings > Details.
  3. Note the value of Key. This is your project key.