Set up AWS VPC peering

To give your Lightup Cloud deployment access to the datasources available inside your AWS VPC, you can request a VPC peering connection. Lightup initiates the connection, you accept the peering request and update your routing tables, and then you can add datasources from your AWS VPC.


Lightup needs you to provide the following information to initiate the VPC peering connection:

  • Your AWS account ID
  • Your AWS VPC region (e.g. us-west-1)
  • Your AWS VPC ID (e.g. vpc-123456789abcdef12)
  • Your AWS VPC CIDR block (e.g.

Although it is possible to set up VPC peering after your initial Lightup Cloud deployment, to ensure feasibility you should inform Lightup of your AWS VPC CIDR block during initial deployment.

Set up the VPC peering connection

  1. After Lightup creates the connection, accept the peering request.
  2. To enable private IP traffic between instances in peered VPCs, add a route in the route tables associated with the subnets for both instances. Lightup will provide you with the Lightup Cloud VPC CIDR block so you can update your routing tables accordingly.

Add datasources from your VPC

Once your VPC peering connection is active, you can add datasources from your VPC using the datasource IP address / URL.