Work with system events

Lightup uses system events to help keep you informed about the status of your datasources, metrics and monitors. Like these data quality objects, system events are specific to a workspace. You can review up to a week's worth of events on the workspace's System Events page. Workspace admins and editors can add alerting channels to route system events.

Review system events

  1. On the workspace menu, select System Events.
  2. In the main page, on the System Events tab you can do any of the following to adjust the list of events you see:
    • Search for events by Datasource, Levels, Category, and Object Type. You can select multiple terms to match. Only those terms that appear in your specified date range are available as search terms.
    • Set a date range for the events to display. Although you can choose dates in the past, date ranges of more than one week are not currently supported.
    • Sort by the values in any named column (ascending or descending).
  3. To review a specific system event, select Details in the row for the event. A Details panel opens and displays all the available information for that event. You can click the name of a data quality object in the Details view (such as the datasource) to open the related data quality object in Explorer.

Event levels

InfoA configuration process completed successfully.A monitor successfully completed training.
WarnAn object needs attention but hasn't stopped working.A metric couldn't complete its last data collection, but the metric will attempt another collection.
ErrorA configuration process has failed or an object has stopped working.A datasource isn't reachable.

Event categories

ME-001Metric collection failed due to missing value filling error.
ME-002Metric collection failed due to SQL error.
ME-003Metric collection failed due to timeout.
ME-004Metric collection failed due to configuration error.
ME-006Metric is paused due to excess unique categories count.
ME-007Metric is paused due to configuration error.
ME-008Metric is paused due to SQL timeouts.
MO-001New slices detected and require monitor training.
MO-002Monitor training completed successfully.
MO-003Monitor preview completed successfully.
MO-005Monitor configuration error.
MO-006Monitor training failed.
MO-007Monitor had a runtime error.
SO-001Datasource connection error.
SO-002Datasource schema scan failed.

Configure system events alerting

Workspace admins and editors can configure system events alerting for each event level.

  1. On the workspace menu, select System Events.
  2. In the main page, on the Configuration tab, do any of the following:
    • To mute or unmute notifications for system events of an event level, use the toggle in the Muted column.
    • To add an alerting channel to send notifications for new system events, select + in the Alert Channels column, and then select the channel you want to add. All system events with the corresponding level will be routed to the listed channels. Up to two channels are listed in the column— if there are more than two, a number displays how many more channels will receive the alerts. You can click the number to display the additional channels.
    • To remove a listed channel and stop sending notifications to it, select the x on its right edge. If there are more than two listed and you don't see the one you want to remove, select the number to display the additional channels, then select the x at the right edge of the one you want to remove.