You can connect to a Dremio Software database to enable Lightup data quality monitoring of tables and views.

A few caveats:

  • Dremio Software versions 24.x are supported.
  • Dremio Cloud is not currently supported.
  • Dremio only supports the UTC time zone.

Lightup account setup

  1. In the target Dremio database, add a new user named lightup.
  2. Grant the lightup user SELECT privileges on the dataset you want to monitor using Lightup.

Connector setting

  1. Under Select a connector, enter a Datasource Name and select the Dremio Connector type.
  2. Under Configure connector, provide values for the following:
    • HOST - The hostname for the database (check the browser address bar; you want the string between // and /). Example:
    • USERNAME - Enter lightup (or whatever name you gave the Lightup user).
    • PASSWORD - Enter the password for the Lightup user.
  3. If needed, enable Use encryption.


Optionally, choose a new Schema Scan Frequency.

Query Governance

Dremio supports all query governance settings.

Metadata metrics

For information about supported metadata metrics, see Metadata metric types.

Date/time data types

These Dremio date/time data types are supported:

  • DATE
  • TIME

Object types

All native Dremio object types are supported.