Steps to prepare and connect to Snowflake

Lightup account setup


You must have at least the ACCOUNTADMIN role to set up new accounts.

  1. Open the SnowSQL Classic Console, then paste the following commands at the prompt.


The following SQL only grants access to one database. Consider creating a datawarehouse for the databases you want to monitor, and then creating a Lightup login there with the same role.

-- change role to ACCOUNTADMIN
-- create role for lightup
create role if not exists lightup_role;
grant role lightup_role to role SYSADMIN;
-- Note that we are not making the lightup_role; a SYSADMIN,
-- but rather granting users with the SYSADMIN role 
-- power to modify the lightup_role.
-- create a user for lightup
create user if not exists lightup_user password = '<enter password here>';
grant role lightup_role to user lightup_user;
alter user lightup_user set default_role = lightup_role;
-- change role
use role SYSADMIN;
-- grant read only database access 
-- repeat for all database/schemas
grant usage on database <database> to role lightup_role;
grant usage on schema <database>.<schema> to role lightup_role;

-- rerun the following any time a table is added to the schema
grant select on all tables in schema <database>.<schema> to role lightup_role;
-- or
grant select on future tables in schema <database>.<schema> to role lightup_role;
  1. Select All Queries, and then RUN.

Connector setting

  • Host - The hostname for the datasource. You can find this in the URL when viewing Snowflake in a browser— typically it is the first part of the URL, either just the first string after https:// or the string between//and the first /. (e.g., https://**nn12321** or https://****).
  • Database Name - The name of the database you're connecting to.
  • Username - Enter lightup_user.
  • Password - The username account's password.

Optional settings

Advanced/Schema scan frequency

You can adjust how often scans run for a datasource.

  • In section 3 - Advanced, select a value for Schema scan frequency: Hourly, Daily, or Weekly.

Query governance

Snowflake datasources support the Query history, Scheduling, and Enable data storage settings. For steps, see Set query governance settings for a datasource.