Steps to prepare and connect to BigQuery

Lightup account setup

Lightup needs a service account with a JSON key and three BigQuery roles:

  • BigQuery > BigQuery Data Editor
  • BigQuery > BigQuery Job User
  • BigQuery > BigQuery Read Session User

Create a service account and download the JSON credentials certificate


You must have Google Cloud admin permissions to create a service account. Google has documentation on creating a service account and generating a private key.

  1. Open the credentials page in the Google Cloud Platform API Manager and, if necessary, select your project:

  1. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS and choose Service account:

  1. Enter a name for the new service account, optionally add a description, and click CREATE:

  1. Your service account requires three Google BigQuery predefined roles:

    • BigQuery > BigQuery Data Viewer
    • BigQuery > BigQuery Job User
    • BigQuery > BigQuery Read Session User

Select the first role in the Select a role field, then click ADD ANOTHER ROLE and select the next role.
Repeat to add the third role, then click CONTINUE.

  1. Click + CREATE KEY:

  1. Under Key type, select JSON and then click CREATE:

  1. The JSON key will be saved to your computer. BE SURE TO REMEMBER WHERE IT IS SAVED. After noting the download location, click CLOSE:

  1. At the bottom left, click DONE.

Configure connector

Do either of the following:

  • Drag the service account key file to the Upload tab; or select BROWSE on the Upload tab and then browse to and select your key file.
  • Open the key and copy its JSON code into the JSON tab.

Read about BigQuery service account keys.

Advanced/Schema scan frequency

You can adjust how often scans run for a datasource.

  • In section 3 - Advanced, select a value for Schema scan frequency: Hourly, Daily, or Weekly.

Query Governance

BigQuery datasources support the Query History, Scheduling, Enable data storage, and Maximum backfill duration, and Maximum distinct values settings. For steps, see Set query governance settings for a datasource.

Metadata metrics

For information about supported metadata metrics, see Metadata metric types.

Date/time data types

These BigQuery date/time data types are supported:

  • DATE

Object types

These BigQuery object types are supported:

  • Tables