A workspace is a virtual space where teams can collaborate on data quality analysis. Each workspace has its own datasources, metrics, monitors, incidents, and dashboards. A team can have many workspaces, providing a way to separately track data quality for different domains and to iterate on design.

The workspaces that you can access appear in the left pane. When you select one, its data quality components appear in the main page. When you expand one, a menu opens below it in the left pane.

Roles and workspaces

You need at least the App Editor role to create a workspace, but any app role makes you eligible to be invited to join a workspace. Your workspace roles are separate from your app role— you only have one app role, but you can have different workspace roles in each workspace.

For example, as an App Viewer, you might be an Admin in one workspace, an Editor in another, and an Observer in yet another. For more information, see app roles and workspace roles.