Failing records query

Most metrics support a failing records query. A failing records query is a query that represents the set of records you want to see when analyzing an incident. If you enter a failing records query, when an incident is generated, you will see the query and the result of that query on the Failing Records tab of the incident.

Note that Null % and Conformity metrics each have a default failing record query already set up, which displays rows associated with the incident. There's no need for you to create a failing record query for Null % and Conformity metrics unless you want something different from the default.

Add a failing records query to a metric

You add a failing records query on the Configure Metric tab of a metric. Note that you cannot add an ORDER BY clause to a failing records query.

  1. Find the Failing records query section and select Add +. The button text changes to Validate Query and a box appears for you to enter the SQL.
  2. Enter the SQL for the failing records query in the box. When you are done, click Validate Query. If you are entering a query for a Null % or Conformity metric, it will replace the default failing record query. If you remove your custom query in this case, it will revert back to the default.
  3. After you validate your query, save the metric.