1. Install lightctl with the following command:
    pip install lightctl==0.15.0 --find-links
  2. Download an API credential from your Lightup instance by clicking on the Settings->API Credentials in the bottom right of the left pane of the Lightup app. Place the downloaded file, lightup-api-credentials.json, somewhere on your file system.
  3. Export the path to the file via the LIGHTCTL_CREDENTIAL_PATH environment variable. If your API credentials file is on your Desktop and you are running on a mac, you'd use the command
    export LIGHTCTL_CREDENTIAL_PATH='~/Desktop/lightup-api-credential.json
  4. Test that your installation works. The command below should display a python list of the workspaces visibile to you in your Lightup instance.
    % python 
    >>> from lightctl.client.workspace_client import WorkspaceClient
    >>> WorkspaceCient().list_workspaces()