1. Select the workspace where you want to add an integration, and then on the workspace menu select Integrations.

  2. Select Create Integration +.

  3. Select ServiceNow.

  4. In the Add ServiceNow Integration dialog, supply the following information:

  • Mode:
    • Select Auto if you want to add the integration to an alerting channel so that incidents can generate tickets automatically. Note that a monitor [must have the alerting channel added for its incidents to generate tickets automatically.
    • Select Manual to prevent the ServiceNow integration from being added to an alerting channel. Users must manually submit a ServiceNow ticket via the incident.
  • Name: A name for the integration
  • Host: The URL of your ServiceNow server. It should resemble
  • Username: Your account name on ServiceNow.
  • Password: Your ServiceNow password.
  • Timezone: The time zone for tickets.
  1. Select Authenticate.
  2. Click the Available fields box to select fields that users will be able to fill out on tickets. Click the X on a field that's already listed if you want to remove it. The fields you select appear under Values, populated with default values from ServiceNow.
  3. Optionally, edit any of the fields under Values to set new defaults. If desired, select Create a test ticket to make sure the integration works.
  4. At the top right, select Add.