Integrations overview

You can integrate Lightup with other services to expand your options for improving data quality. For example, you might use Slack to handle notifications from Lightup monitors and Jira to track resolution of incidents.

Like most Lightup features, integrations work inside of workspaces. You can integrate a service in any workspace where you have the App Editor or App Admin role, but each workspace will require you to set up the integration separately.

Add an integration to a workspace

Each workspace has its own integrations, though they can use the same integrated resources (such as a Slack channel). You can add an integration to any workspace where you have at least the Workspace Editor role.

For steps, see the page for the service you want to integrate:

Data catalogs

Lightup also supports integration with data catalogs. However, catalog integration is at the app level, and you must have the App Admin role to add a data catalog.