Query history

Datasource query history

To view the query history for a datasource, click on Query Governance in the left pane and select the datasource that you are interested in. On the right side of the page, the queries from the last 24 hours will be displayed. A summary at the top tells the number of queries completed, failed, cancelled, or currently processing.

Click on any query to get more detailed information about that query, including the SQL, the start time of the query, its duration, the number of rows it returned.

The type of the query tells you why it was run. Type will be set to preview if the query was run due to a preview. Otherwise, the query was run by Lightup as part of its standard metric collection.

Metric query history

You can view a metric's query history on the Preview tab of metric configuration. The metric must have been live at some point in the past 24 hours.

  1. On the Preview tab, select Query History (24HRS).

  2. A list of queries from the past 24 hours appears. Select the name of the metric in any row to open the Query Details for that specific query instance.