Backfill duration

Backfill duration defines the time period that is backfilled for an incremental metric when it is created. Metrics with Full Table query scope do not support Backfill duration.

Lightup sets a default backfill for each incremental metric. You can adjust the backfill value up to a maximum which varies based on the aggregation interval of the metric. The general rule for max backfill is that is that no backfill period can be more than 11,000 datapoints.

The table below shows the default backfill and max backfill for each aggregation interval.

Aggregation IntervalDefault backfillMax backfill
Day90 days11,000 days (~30 years)
Hour90 days11,000 hours (~15 months)
Every 15 minutes1 week11,000 15-minute chunks (~15 weeks)
Every 10 minutes1 week11,000 10-minute chunks (~10 weeks)
Every 5 minutes1 week11,000 5-minute chunks (~5 weeks)
Every minute1 week11,000 minutes (~1 week)
Every second2 hours11,000 seconds (~3 hours

Maximum backfill duration

Lightup admins can control the maximum duration that a user can backfill a metric, by setting the datasource's Maximum backfill duration. This query governance setting caps the backfill duration, potentially reducing the maximum backfill duration below system limits. For example, although the system limit for an hourly metric is 15 months, you can set Maximum backfill duration to limit your users to a backfill of six months. For steps, see Query Governance settings.

Set a metric's backfill duration

You set backfill duration on the Configure Metric tab of a metric.

From the Backfill Duration drop down, select the number of hours or days for your metric's backfill. If you select a value that is greater than either the system max or the max set by query governance, you will get an error when you save your metric.