Welcome to Lightup!

Lightup is a next-generation data quality and data observability platform. It empowers your team to quickly and continuously perform comprehensive data quality checks with ease. Workflows that are currently manual become automated, allowing you to achieve complete data coverage across all of your data assets across all cloud and hybrid environments.

When working with data, a variety of questions come up about the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of your data. For example:

  • Were my tables updated on time?
  • If they were updated on time, did the expected volume of data show up in the tables?
  • Was the data that appeared valid?
  • Were there too many null values?
  • For a categorical column, are the categories those that are expected, with the distribution expected?

Lightup enables you to answer these data quality questions via an automation platform that provides "always-on" data quality monitoring. Lightup's out-of-the box metrics handle many common data quality checks. Add your own custom metrics to answer more complex questions about the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of your data. Our automated anomaly detection makes it easy to monitor when your data changes from its historical norm.

Lightup empowers enterprises to innovate and make business decisions with confidence by providing data teams with the fastest and easiest way to create trust in their cloud and hybrid data at any scale.

About this guide

This Lightup User's Guide is here to help you monitor your cloud data quality. Try the Quick start to jump right in or dig into more in-depth content in the pages that follow.