Atlan is a Data Catalog with an API for logging data health information. This catalog includes datasources, schema, and tables, and can integrate with corresponding data assets in Lightup workspaces. Before you can add an Atlan catalog to Lightup you must prepare in Atlan.

Prepare in Atlan

  1. Create an API Bearer Token.
  2. Grant the API token permissions.

Add Atlan to your Lightup deployment

Complete the steps to Add a Data Catalog, and at step 3 select Atlan.

  1. In the Add Atlan Integration modal, provide values for:

    • Title: A name for the integration.
    • Host: Your Atlan endpoint (eg:
    • Bearer Token: Your Atlan API Bearer Token
    • Incident Window and Unit: Set to specify how far back to look for incidents that were last created on a rule.
  2. Select Test connection to verify success.

  3. Select Add to finish.

Enable catalog support for a datasource

After your Atlan catalog setup is complete, you still need to enable the integration for any datasources you want to integrate with the catalog. For steps, see enable data catalog integration.

Review DQ Health

After you enable Atlan you can review DQ Health in Atlan.