Atlan is a Data Catalog with an API for logging data health information. This catalog includes datasources, schema, and tables, and can integrate with corresponding data assets in a Lightup workspace. Before you can add an Atlan integration to a workspace you must prepare in Atlan.

Prepare in Atlan

  1. Create an API Bearer Token.
  2. Grant the API token permissions.

Add Atlan to a workspace

You can add one Atlan integration to a workspace. The Atlan integration supports multiple datasource connections within the workspace.

  1. Add an integration, and select Atlan.

  2. In the Add Atlan Integration modal, provide values for:

    • Title: A name for the integration.
    • Host: Your Atlan endpoint (eg:
    • Bearer Token: Your Atlan API Bearer Token
    • Incident Window and Unit: Set to specify how far back to look for incidents that were last created on a rule.
  3. Select Test connection to verify success.

Enable Atlan for a datasource

When you enable Atlan for a datasource, you can see Lightup data quality information about it in Atlan.

  1. On the workspace menu, select Datasources.

  2. In the main page, select the datasource's name to open its Datasource menu.

  3. Select Edit.

    Steps to start editing a datasource

    The datasource's configuration details open.

  4. Scroll down, and then under Atlan Integration select the corresponding Atlan datasource.

  5. At the bottom, select Test Connection to check your success.

After you enable Atlan for a datasource, Atlan and Lightup perform regular scans of each other to keep your catalog information in sync. Lightup provides data quality information to Atlan so you can see an asset's health in the Atlan catalog. You can also use Lightup filters in your Atlan data catalog.