Databricks Partner Connect

When you first open the Lightup app from Databricks Partner Connect, you'll see one workspace that contains one datasource.

  1. The workspace's name is your account's first name, an underscore, and then your Databricks Workspace ID. This workspace is selected when you first open Lightup, so its contents are displayed on the Explorer tab.
  2. A datasource named DatabricksPC is connected to the schemas you selected when you set up the trial on Databricks.


If other people in your organization have already begun using the Lightup trial, you may see additional workspaces listed in the left nav pane. If you can see a workspace then you can view its contents on the Explorer tab, but the actions you can take depend on your workspace role.

As a Databricks trial participant, you have the App Editor role, which grants you the ability to create workspaces, and the Workspace Admin role in the initial workspace, which grants full control inside the workspace.


For more information, see Working in workspaces.

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