Manage Lightup users

A Lightup user account is required for joining workspaces

Add a Lightup user account

Before people can join a workspace, they must already have a Lightup app account. If you're an App Admin, you can add new app users and assign them app roles. They'll receive an invitation to join your organization on Lightup. When they accept, they will then be able to login and be available to add to workspaces.

  1. In the left pane, select Admin.
  2. On the top bar, select the Users tab.
  3. In the main page, select Add User +.
  1. In the popup that opens, select the Email field, then enter the new user's email address.
  2. Pick an app role for the new user, and then select Add.

Manage app users

To begin, in the left pane select Admin. Then, on the top bar select Users.


  • App Admins can manage app users:
    • Invite new users to Lightup
    • Change which users can access which workspaces
    • Delete users from Lightup
  • Workspace Admins can manage user roles in the workspaces where they are admins, but they can't manage app users unless they are also App Admins.

Change which workspaces an app user can access

  1. In the lower section of the Users tab, in the app user's row, under Workspaces you'll see a plus button (+) and up to two workspace tags. If the app user can access three or more workspaces, you'll also see a tag with the number of additional workspaces: hover on the tag to see a popup with the workspaces' tags. Here you can add or remove access to workspaces:
    • To add access to a workspace, select + to open a list of available workspaces, then resume this procedure at step 2.
    • To remove access to workspaces, select the x inside each workspace tag that you want to remove the user's access to. Repeat as needed.
  2. In the popup, select + next to each workspace to which you want to grant the user access.
  3. Set the workspace role by selecting it from the drop-down at the top of the popup.

Delete an app user

  1. In the table on the Users tab, find the row with the app user you want to delete.
  2. On the right edge of the row, select the three dots, then select Delete user.

Roles and user access

The work a user can do in each workspace depends on their workspace role. All Lightup data quality management happens inside workspaces.

Everyone who uses Lightup has an app role, and each member of a workspace has a workspace role. Roles confer various abilities to the users who have them. For example, only an App Admin can invite new users to a Lightup instance.

Learn about App Roles

Your app role dictates what you can do at the app level, outside of a workspace. The following App roles are available:

  • App Admin - can invite users to Lightup, set their App roles, and create workspaces.
  • App Editor - can create workspaces but cannot invite new app users to Lightup.
  • App Viewer - can be invited to join any workspace but cannot create workspaces.

Your App Role doesn't affect what you can do in a workspace. However, App Admins can add users to any workspace and set their initial workspace role.

Learn about Workspace Roles

Every workspace user is assigned one of four workspace roles: Admin, Editor, Viewer, or Observer. Your workspace role dictates what you can do in a workspace, as follows:

Add/remove workspace usersYesNoNoNo
Set users' workspace rolesYesNoNoNo
Manage query governance policiesYesNoNoNo
Manage integrations and schedulesYesNoNoNo
Create/edit/delete/pause datasourcesYesNoNoNo
Create/edit/delete/pause metrics and monitorsYesYesNoNo
Reject incidentsYesYesNoNo
Create/edit/delete dashboard chartsYesYesNoNo
View queries executed on behalf of a workspaceYesYesNoNo
Configure columns in list viewsYesYesNoNo
View/sort/search metrics, monitors, and incidents list viewsYesYesYesNo
View dashboardsYesYesYesNo
Browse Explorer tree/list viewsYesYesYesYes
View objects but not data valuesNoNoNoYes