Data delay metrics

Data delay metrics track lag— delay in the arrival of expected data. To create one, begin at Create a metric, and choose Data delay at Step 1 (Metric Info).

Step 2 (Configure Metric)

After you finish Step 1 (Metric Info), Step 2 (Configure Metric) appears in the main form:

  1. Under Select data asset, make sure the right data asset is selected.
  2. Under Select data asset, confirm or specify the datasource, schema, and table.
  3. Perform any optional configuration, as described below, then select Next to proceed to Step 3 to preview your metric.

Optional configuration

  1. Add a WHERE clause.
  2. Adjust the inherited table settings.
  3. Add seasonality.
  4. Add a failing records query.
  5. Add tags.

Step 3 (Preview)

Once you have configured your metric you can preview it to view its behavior over some time period. Review its behavior, modify the configuration if necessary, and then save it.