Data delay metrics

Data delay metrics track lag— delay in the arrival of expected data. To create one, begin at Create a metric, and choose Data delay at Step 1 (Metric Info).

Step 2 (Configure Metric)

After you finish Step 1 (Metric Info), Step 2 (Configure Metric) appears in the main form:

  1. Under Select data asset, confirm or specify the datasource, schema, and table.
  2. Perform any optional configuration, as described below, then select Next to proceed to Step 3 to preview your metric.

Optional configuration

  1. Add a WHERE clause.
  2. If needed, override the inherited table configuration.
  3. Add seasonality.
  4. Add a failing records query.
  5. Add tags.

Step 3 (Preview)

Once you have configured your metric you can preview it to view its behavior over some time period. Review its behavior and modify the configuration as needed.

Step 4 (Related metrics)

You can add related metrics to help streamline your analysis of any incidents identified by the metric. For steps, see Related metrics.