Metric overview

Lightup offers a full range of metric types. View Create and edit metrics for details on how to create each type.

Metric types

Metric typeOperates OnDescriptionExamples
AggregationColumnCalculates an aggregate function on a set of rows within an aggregation interval. Many different metrics can be created just by choosing the data asset and an aggregation function.- Sum of sales, hourly
ConformityColumnCalculates the percent of rows that conform to a specific condition, within an aggregation interval. You can create many different metrics by building a condition, and can even combine multiple conditions to create complex expressions that operate on one or more columns.- Sales < 100000, hourly
DistributionColumnA distribution metric measures the distribution of either numeric or categorical data.
TableTableTable metrics measure characteristics of the table.- Data delay: measures the time since the most recent data arrived
- Data volume: measure the number of rows loaded into a table
ComparisonThese metrics perform complex comparisons without requiring any code.- Compare Aggregate: compares pairs of metrics
- Row by Row: compare one or more column values across two tables.
SQLA SQL metric lets you write your metric query directly using SQL.