Lightup account setup

You'll need an account that can query data and metadata for all tables you want to monitor. You might already have an account set up that will work, or you might need to create one. Grant the account SELECT rights on the database, preferably using a security role. Make note of the user name and password— you'll need them to create a Teradata datasource in Lightup.

For help, go to Teradata's Creating Users page.

Connector setting

  • Host - The URL or IP address of the host that processes connection requests, including the TCP port (but leave out the protocol prefix). Example: ****
  • Username - The name of the user account you set up for connecting to Teradata and querying data.
  • Password - The user account's password.

Advanced settings

  • Schema scan frequency - choose Hourly, Daily, or Weekly to set how often to scan the datasources schemas.
  • Schema scan objects - select Databases, Users, or both. This determines what datasource objects to include in scans.

Query governance

Teradata datasources support the Query history, Scheduling, and Enable data storage settings. For steps, see Set query governance settings for a datasource.