Steps to prepare and connect to Incorta

Lightup account setup

To begin, complete the following steps in Incorta.


Cloud Admin role needed

To prepare Incorta for Lightup integration, you must be a cloud admin in your Incorta instance.

Enable connections to external BI tools

  1. On your User Profile menu, select Cloud Admin Portal.

    Incorta User Profile menu

  2. Open the Cluster Management Console.

  3. Select the connected cluster that you want to integrate with Lightup.

  4. In the middle column on the Main tab, under Connect External BI Tools, make sure connections are enabled. If they are disabled, select → Connect external BI tools, and enable them on the page that opens.

    Incorta cluster open in the CMC

  5. When connections are enabled, the connection strings display just below the setting. Copy the SQL Interface Connection String.

    Connection strings for a cluster with external connections enabled

Set up Lightup user account

  1. Create a user named lightup. Make note of the password.
  2. Select the new user account, and then add it to a group that has the Analyze User role.

Grant Lightup user access to schemas

  1. On your Incorta Home page, select the Schema tab.

  2. For each schema you want Lightup to access, open the vertical dots menu at the end of the schema's row and select Share. Then in the Share modal, select the Lightup user.

    Incorta Schema tab with the vertical dot menu open for a schema

Note the tenant name

  1. On your User Profile menu, select About.
  2. Note the tenant name listed in the information modal that opens.

Connector setting

  • Host Name - The SQL Interface Connection String that you copied in Step 1, above.
  • Database Name - The tenant name you noted in Step 4, above.
  • Username - The name of the Lightup user.
  • Password - The Lightup user's password.

Schema scan frequency

You can adjust how often scans run for a datasource.

  • In section 3 - Advanced, select a value for Schema scan frequency: Hourly, Daily, or Weekly.

Query governance

Incorta datasources support the Query history, Scheduling, Enable data storage, and Maximum backfill duration settings. For steps, see Set query governance settings for a datasource.