Trigger metric collection

Trigger metric collection

  1. Open the Trigger metric collection reference.
  2. Under PATH PARAMS, enter UUIDs for the workspace and datasource.
  3. Under BODY PARAMS, add UUIDs for at least one table or metric where you want to trigger collection.
  4. Under HEADERS, enter Bearer <your-access-token> (swap in the access token you got from the Get access token API).
  5. Your page should look something like the following image. If so, on the right select Try It! to generate the API call for you— to trigger collection on the objects you specified.


Save an API call for reuse

If you plan on using an API call routinely, you can save time by creating a script to modify and run.

  • Near the top right of the API Reference page (to the left of the Try it! button), select the clipboard icon to copy the code sample, then save it locally as a text file.
  • When you use it, you'll need to get a fresh access token and update your Authorization parameter accordingly.
  • To use it, update the authorization parameter, then paste the modified script at a command line prompt and run it.