Manage incidents

When a monitor detects a variation that's out-of-bounds, it logs an incident. Each incident is specific to one monitor, and has a start time, a severity, a direction, a duration, and a status.

You have several options for reviewing incidents:

  • On the Dashboard's Data Quality tab, incidents are implied by a summary score below 100%: each monitor that logs at least one incident is excluded from the score (e.g., if the score is 10/11 (91%), one monitor logged one or more incidents.

    • For more detail, select the summary score and then look at the heatmap: it shows two weeks' history of each monitor included in the summary score. Each day when an incident occurred appears as a red box on the heatmap.
  • You can review any incident by opening the related metric's chart: in the Explorer tree, when you select a data asset that has recent incidents, an Incidents menu appears on every metric chart where a monitor logged an incident.

  1. In the left pane, select a workspace. Then on the top bar, select Incidents.
  2. The main page lists all the incidents logged in the selected workspace.
  3. Select the Incident ID to review its details and compare it to other incidents.
  4. After you finish reviewing the incident, if applicable, change the value of STATUS to reflect your actions.

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