Metric Customization
Customize metrics to meet your requirements

Edit system generated metrics

Lightup comes with out-of-the-box definitions for key data quality measures that we call data quality indicators (DQIs). You can enable profiling to get instant visibility into data quality for all your data assets on the Dashboard. You can edit any of the system-generated DQIs by clicking on the Edit Metric option for each chart. This lets you change settings such as aggregation interval for each metric. Hit Save once you have made the changes to update metric definition.
Some settings can be edited only at the table level and can be accessed by clicking on Edit Table Profile option for each table on the Dashboard. These settings include timestamp column, timezone and synchronization delay.

Create custom metrics

If you wish to define any custom data quality measures, you can add those by clicking on Metrics under Settings. In order to configure a new custom metric you will need to point to a datasource, name the metric and define metric settings. You can use system defined aggregations or toggle on Custom to configure by writing your own SQL query. Once you have defined the metric, you can preview the result to make sure the metric output matches your expectations before saving the metric.