Manage app users

App Admins can edit and delete app user accounts

App Admins can manage app users:

  • Invite new users to Lightup
  • Change which users can access which workspaces
  • Delete users from Lightup.

Workspace Admins can manage user roles in the workspaces where they are admins, but they can't make changes to the app user accounts, or create new ones.

Change which workspaces an app user can access

  1. In the lower section of the Users tab, in the app user's row, under Workspaces you'll see a plus button (+) and up to two workspace tags. If the app user can access three or more workspaces, you'll also see a tag with the number of additional workspaces: hover on the tag to see a popup with the workspaces' tags. Here you can add or remove access to workspaces:
    • To add access to a workspace, select + to open a list of available workspaces, then resume this procedure at step 2.
    • To remove access to workspaces, select the x inside each workspace tag that you want to remove the user's access to. Repeat as needed.
  2. In the popup, select + next to each workspace to which you want to grant the user access.
  3. Set the workspace role by selecting it from the drop-down at the top of the popup.

Delete an app user

  1. In the table on the Users tab, find the row with the app user you want to delete.
  2. On the right edge of the row, select the three dots, then select Delete user.

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