Set up Flock

We recommend that you create a channel to use for Lightup incident alerts.

  1. Follow the steps provided by Flock to create a channel.
  2. For Channel Type, choose Private channel.
  3. The remaining choices depend on the details of your organization. Make sure that responders are included, either through group membership or by adding them as individual contacts.

Make note of the Flock server's URL and the name you gave the channel - you need this info to set up the alerting channel in Lightup.

Create a Lightup alerting channel using Flock

You'll need to get the values for URL and Flock Channel from your Flock service.

  1. In the left nav, on your workspace menu select Integrations. Your current integrations appear in the main Lightup form.
  2. In the main Lightup form, select + near the top left corner to create a new channel, and then choose Flock channel.
  3. In the Add Flow integration dialog, enter a value for Name - this becomes the Title of the integration when it's listed in the main Lightup form.
  4. Both URL and Flock Channel come from the Flock side. Enter the values you noted when you created the channel on Flock.
  1. Be sure to set your time zone.
  2. Under Post Alerts to this channel, select the frequency at which the channel will receive new alerts. All posts happen at the beginning of the period indicated by the frequency and cover alerts in the previous period; for example, an hourly post is a digest of all alerts in the preceding hour.
  3. Use the toggles to choose whether to post daily digests and send alerts for resolved incidents.
  4. Optionally, select Send test message to test the new channel.
  5. Select Add to finish.

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