Deploy Lightup

Pick a deployment model

Lightup supports three deployment models:

  • Lightup Cloud -- the SaaS deployment. This is the easiest setup to start with and our recommended deployment model.

  • Lightup Hybrid -- a managed on-prem deployment. This model deploys the Lightup dataplane on your compute environment. No data leaves your environment, not even metadata. Lightup manages the dataplane deployment for you with a dedicated control plane hosted by Lightup. This model combines the privacy of an on-prem deployment with the convenience of a SaaS model and only takes a few minutes to get started with. You can either deploy to an existing Kubernetes cluster or spin up one dedicated virtual machine. No other provisioning is needed.

  • Lightup Self-hosted -- a fully on-prem deployment. This is a traditional deployment model where the entire system runs on your compute environment and Lightup has no access to the deployment. This model also takes only a few minutes to get started with. Quick start only needs you to spin up one virtual machine. No other provisioning is needed.

Pick a deployment model that best suits your needs.

Sign up and deploy [15-20 mins]

Sign up at for your choice of the deployment model.

Find setup instructions specific to the deployment model in the left navigation bar.

Configure the basics [5-10 mins]

Plug in the specifics of your data source(s) in the Lightup settings page, select data tables and columns to track for data quality, and, optionally, set up alerts for incidents.

Get more information

Write to us at [email protected] for issues or [email protected] for general information. If you have set up a Lightup account already, you can also chat with us on the shared Slack channel set up for your account.

Not ready yet?

Not ready to start a Lightup trial yet? See Lightup in action on public datasets at our community instance. You can see pre-configured demo metrics and rules in action on public datasets and try configuring your own. Decide for yourself if Lightup is the right fit for your data quality use-cases.

Sign up for a community account at Or request a demo.