Alert responders

Send a message when data quality incidents occur

There are two main steps for setting up alerts: adding one or more alerting channels, and choosing an alerting channel for a monitor.

Add an alerting channel

  1. In the left pane, on your workspace menu select Integrations.
  2. Select Create Integration + and choose an option.
  1. Complete the dialog that opens. Remaining setup steps vary depending on the alerting platform you specify:

Choose the alerting channel for a monitor

  1. Open the monitor for editing. You have two options:
    • Navigate to its metric chart in Explorer, open the Monitors menu, and choose the option for editing your monitor.
    • Select the Monitors tab in the top menu bar, select your monitor in the Monitors list, and then choose Edit.
  2. In the monitor edit page, select the ellipsis near the top right of the screen. In the Select the channels to send notifications modal, select the input box and then select the channel that you just created.
  3. Optionally, select a schedule for muting notifications. Your monitor will begin sending incident notifications to your new channel as soon as you save, or according to schedule if you select one.