Alert responders

Send a message when data quality incidents occur

Add an alerting channel

  1. In the left pane, on your workspace menu select Integrations.
  2. Select Create Integration + and choose an option.
  1. Complete the dialog that opens. For steps, see the next section.
  2. Go to the monitor to which you want to add the alerting channel. You can find it in the following ways:
    • Navigate to its metric in Explorer, open the Monitors menu, and choose the selection for editing your monitor.
    • On the Monitors tab in the top menu bar, filter for your monitor, then select it and choose Edit.
  3. In the monitor edit page, select Muted in the top right of the screen. In the Select the channels to send notifications modal, select the input box and then select the channel that you just created. Your monitor will immediately begin sending incident notifications to your new channel.

Choose an alerting channel

Lightup supports a variety of integrations with messaging platforms that you can use to create an alerting channel. See the following link for details about integrating each platform.